Vice Dean for academic affairs - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs


Job Description:

He is a faculty member, responsible for the rectorship of academic affairs within rules and regulations.


-       Conducting the tasks assigned by the dean that are compatible with rules and regulations of the university.

-       Issuing internal decisions required for the workflow in the rectorship and its departments within rules and regulations.

-       Contacting the relative parties in the university within the specialization and authority of the Rectorship.

-       Evaluating the performance of the rectorship's employees.

-       Heading the committees of the deanship and reporting to the competent bodies after submitting to the dean.

-       Accomplishing any other tasks in their respective area.


Dean of the deanship


Department of Academic Movements, Department of Academic Plans, Department of Student Affairs, Department of Credentials and Graduate Affairs, Department of Files and Records.