Vice Dean for Female Section - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Female Student Affairs

Female Vice Dean for Female Student Affairs

Job Description

She is a female faculty member. She is responsible for organizing and conducting work, correspondences, technical and administrative affairs of the deanship in female students' section, implementing authentic policies in admission and registration, and accomplishing the defined aims within rules and regulations.


·        Representing the dean in accomplishing all tasks in the female students' section.

·        Accomplishing all tasks assigned by the dean with NU rules and regulations.

·        Supervising the preparation and implementation of developmental and strategic plans of the deanship in the female students' section.

·        Coordinating and developing the relations of the rectorship inside and outside the university regarding the female students in coordinating with the dean.

·        Coordinating and organizing the administrative and organizational relations with the dean, vice-deans, and heads of the departments of the deanship all in his/her field in the departments of female students.

·        Coordinating and following-up with all rectorships in the male students' branch to ensure the smooth of operations and procedures and achieve integration of the departments of the deanship.

·        Suggesting the internal work system, coordinating with the affiliated departments of female students' sections, and reporting to the dean for approval within the authorities of the dean.

·        Contacting the relative parties in the university within the specialization and authority of the Rectorship of female students' affairs.

·        Supervising the accomplishment of strategic aims of the deanship concerning the female students' branch.

·        Administrating the administrative and financial affairs and supporting services of the Rectorship concerning the female students' branch.

·        Nominating and recommending selecting and appointing female supervisors of the units.

·        Supervising offering all the requirements of the rectorship concerning the female students.

·        Supervising the performance of the affiliated units. 

·        Evaluating the performance of the female employees of the rectorship in the female students' branch.

·        Chairing the committees of the rectorship in the female students' branch and reporting to the competent bodies after reporting to the dean.

·        Approving the regular and compulsory leaves of the female employees of the rectorship's departments of female students' branch.

·        Maintaining the assets of the rectorship.

·        Working on improving the mental image of the rectorship.

·        Implementing and following-up the decisions of the dean concerning the female students' branch. 

·        Working on developing work in the female students' departments of the rectorship. 

·        Making regular and comprehensive reports on the workflow and occupational performance in the female students' departments to be reported to the dean.



Dean of deanship


Department of University Cards, Department of E-Correspondences- Department of Female Students Affairs, Department of Credentials and Female Graduate Affairs, Department of Files and Records, Department of Information and Incentives of the female students' branch.