Name: Zuhair Hasan Al-Amri

Date of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Mahaiel, Aseer Area.


Twitter: zhalamri1@

Tel: 5428181

Qualifications: PH. D. holder, literary studies.

Department: Arabic Language and Literature.

Major: Modern Literature.



1.       Dean of Admissions and Registration

2.       Supervisor of Dep. of Public Relations and University Information.

3.       Najran University Spokesman.

4.       Vice editor-in-chief for "Sada Al-Jameah" magazine.



1.       Head of a number of committees in College of Arts and Science.

2.       Committee member of NU committees.

3.       Committee member of International Council Arabic Language.




University Teaching:

-          More than ten courses taught.

-          Delivered a lot of cultural and academic lectures and trainer for many workshops. 

Conferences Attended:

-          Effective participant in the scientific conferences domestically and globally.