Dep. of Registration - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Registration Department

Registration Department

Job Description

It takes over enrollment into courses according to the plans approved for colleges. Moreover, it approves registering and modifying scores and adding or deleting courses.



1.     Coordinating academic schedules, which will be used in final enrollment, with colleges.

2.     Follow-up and update the schedules of the transferred students after automated enrollment and before commencing the study.

3.     Welcoming new and transferred students, solving enrollment problems, and coordinating and estimating their equivalent scores according to defined systems.

4.     Managing enrollment and coordinating with supervisors of enrollment in colleges and departments.

5.     Receiving enrollment problems at the departments and solving them according to the regulations and systems.

6.     Follow-up the candidates' problems and transferring them to the schedules' supervisor in order to solve them.

7.     Managing the enrollment in summer courses and supervising both entries of data enrollment and schedules coordination.

8.     Receiving the admitted students' files from the admission unit after obtaining academic numbers.

9.     Registration of exchange students.

10.                        Obtaining the student's data, address, and work data to keep in contact with him.

11.                        Cancelling sections which haven't reached the defined number.

12.                        Inclusion and cancellation of some sections at the request of colleges due to large numbers.

13.                        Preparing the proposed academic evaluation of the following year.

14.                        Conducting all academic procedure (initiating new sections, enrollment, postponement, omission, adjusting scores, additional opportunities, the student's supplementary course) on the system.

15.                        Preparing final tests schedules and lists of tests contrast and coordinating with colleges to conquer such contrast.

16.                        Preparing lists of data, statistics and reports essential for the university administrations and colleges according to specific instructions.

17.                        Holding counseling forums and symposia for the students.

18.                        Evaluating the student at the end of the semester and preparing relevant report.

19.                        Answering employers and colleges' questions on the students' level

20.                        File retention after graduation. 



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