Development and Quality Unit - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Development and Quality Unit

Development and Quality Unit

Job Description

Helping the deanship to achieve its mission and objectives by adopting and applying the principles of total quality, setting and implementing the plans and programs, supervising the activities and actions of development and quality, disseminating its culture that assures accomplishing high levels of performance, continuously collecting data and information and documenting efforts and results of quality activities in the deanship.



·        Disseminating the culture of quality and supporting the related activities in the deanship.

·        Developing policies and mechanisms of disseminating the culture of quality among the employees of the deanship in coordination with the dean.

·        Supervising the implementation of the activities of evaluation and accreditation in the deanship.

·        Setting the appropriate interim plans of regular review of quality standards to ensure continuous improvement of the performance of departments and units of the deanship.

·        Setting and developing the developmental and strategic plans of the deanship.

·        Supervising the implementation of the programs of Rectorship for Development and Quality and the developmental projects assigned to the deanship.

·        Investigating obstacles and problems that face the projects of development and quality and providing solutions.

·        Defining the specialized training needs of the deanship's employees and coordinating with Deanship of Development and Quality in implementation.

·        Encouraging the employees of deanship to participate in the courses, training programs, and workshops.

·        Supervising the implementation of development plans of the deanship employees' skills, suggesting programs of development and training, and following-up their approval and implementation.

·        Submitting regular reports to the dean on the development of work in the unit according to the assigned tasks and difficulties.

·        Setting the internal system of working, specializations, and general specification of the assignments of the employees in the unit.

·        Supervising setting a mechanism to identify the requirements and satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the services offered by Deanship of Admission and Registration in addition to suggesting means of achievement.

·        Implementing and following-up the activities of creative and excellence awards in the technical and occupational performance in the deanship.

·        Documenting the efforts and results of all quality activities and creating a database of the deanship that is is regularly updated.

·        Writing regular reports on the works and projects of development and quality to be submitted to the dean, covering developmental suggestions.

·        Following-up the implementation of the developmental plan of the deanship, evaluating accomplishment, and writing regular reports according to the authentic mechanism.

·        Following-up the application of the appropriate total quality systems in all academic and administrative units of the deanship while keeping continuous improvement of quality.

·        Providing technical support to the various departments of the deanship concerning development and quality activities.

·        Participating in writing the annual report of the deanship's accomplishments.

·        Suggesting and developing the standards, tools, and mechanisms of performance evaluation, measuring the accomplishments of the different units of the deanship concerning development and quality.

·        Accomplishing any other assignments by the dean concerning development and quality.



      Dean of the deanship


      Internal committees of the unit.