The Dean - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Dean of Admission and Registration

Dean of Admission and Registration

Job Description

He is a faculty member responsible for the technical, administrative, and financial affairs of the deanship within the regulation and decisions of the Council of Higher Education and Universities, regulations of NU, and decisions of its council.



  •   Representing the deanship on-and-off campus.
  •   Coordinating and developing the relationships of the deanship on-and-off campus.
  •   Accomplishing the objectives and higher policies of NU regarding the deanship of admission and registration.
  •   Following-up the implementation of the decisions of the deanship issued by the rector, vice-rectors, or council of the university.
  •   Following-up the implementation of the generalizations and instructions issued by the relevant bodies in the university.
  •   Chairing the council of the deanship and following-up the implementation of decisions after being approved by the rector.
  •   Nominating and supervising vice-deans and directors of departments.
  •   Recommending appointing administrators and employees in the deanship according to the needs and requirements of work.
  •   Issuing administrative and financial decisions according to the authorities granted.
  •   Nominating recruited persons as over-time and allowing the internal delegation of the required persons from outside the university.
  •   Approving ordinary and compulsory leaves to the employees of the deanship and informing the department of human resources.
  •   Approving the evaluation of occupational performance in the related administrative and technical departments.
  •   Delegating a part of the authorities to the vice-deans within the rules and regulations of the university.
  •   Forming the various committees in the deanship.
  •   Supervising the planning and preparing of the budget of deanship and approving the payment of work requirements.
  •   Supervising the preparation and following-up the implementation of the developmental plans of the deanship.
  •   Supervising the flow of administrative and technical affairs of the deanship and the related departments, and attempting to improve performance.
  •   Addressing deans of colleges in NU and other universities concerning admission and registration.
  •   Suggesting organizing relations and consolidating cooperation with other universities and competent bodies of admission and registration inside and outside KSA.
  •   Investigating the system of admission and registration in the various universities, conducting the required studies, and making the appropriate suggestions.
  •   Exchanging experiences and perspectives with the deanships of similar universities concerning admission and other issues to accomplish what is useful for the process of university education in KSA.
  •   Issuing manuals and introductory bullet-ins to introduce the university, in general, and conditions, documents, and certificates required to join the university, in particular to new comers.
  •   Setting programs and plans of academic advising before, during, and after admission and supervising their implementation in coordination with the relative bodies.
  •   Writing regular reports to the university rector on the affairs and workflow in the deanship, including the actual statistics, information, and activities of each academic year.
  •   Preparing for the graduation party in coordination with Deanship of Student Affairs and relations, taking the required procedures, and coordinating with the competent bodies.
  •   Making preparation of the equivalence of scholarships candidates and others according to the requirements of the university departments.
  •   Following-up the implementation of students' transfer from s college to another in the university or in other universities after being approved by the dean of college.
  •   Receiving the requests of scholarships for non-Saudi students inside or outside KSA and referring the admitted ones to their colleges according to the rules and regulations of the university.
  •   Checking the results of admission and making the required procedures after being approved.
  •  Reporting to the university Rector regarding the numbers of students and suggestions for the next semester not later than the first month of the end of admission and the beginning of study.





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