Consultants - Deanship of Admission and Registration



Job Description

Developing policies to ensure the application of total quality systems in all departments of the deanship, designing mechanisms of development and continuous improvement of performance, and offering technical consultations to the management of the deanship



·        Conducting studies and offering consultations to support the plans and priorities of development of all administrative units.

·        Conducting studies of the topics reported for this purpose from the dean.

·        Suggesting the establishment of units to support the requirements of quality and development of the deanship

·        Providing technical and management counseling to the dean.

·        Making suggestions of the projects of development and quality means of improvement, and following-up after being approved by the dean.

·        Providing support to set the general policies and the strategic plan of the deanship.

·        Contributing to conducting statistical studies to be used in preparing the developmental plans in coordination with the competent bodies.

·        Following-up all issues of admission and registration of rules, regulations, instructions, and procedures issued by the Council of Education and Universities, the Council of University...etc. and collecting and indexing them in a retrievable way .

·        Contributing with the concerned committees of planning and development in the deanship, making suggestions, and developing the procedures of administrative work according to the requirements of total quality.

·        Accomplishing any other assignments by the dean.



       Dean of the deanship