Manager - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Director, Deanship of Admission and Registration

Director, Deanship of Admission and Registration

Job Description

He is concerned with supervising the administrative and technical affairs of the deanship and ensures the appropriate workflow within rules and regulations.


·        Supervising the application of the rules and regulations of the administrative and financial affairs of the university.

·        Reporting the attendance of the deanship's employees.

·        Following-up the implementation of administrative works in the various units.

·        Supervising the workflow and developing performance in the department.

·        Reporting the human and financial needs and facilities of the department.

·        Completing the procedures required to provide the deanship with all needs of equipments, machinery, tools, and operational requirements inside and outside university according to the financial policies and procedures.

·        Organizing the ordinary leave of the administrators, technicians, employees, and workers.

·        Assigning a person to contact and follow-up the competent bodies of fixing urgent breakdowns in the deanship.

·        Following-up the attendance of the employees of administrators and technicians.

·        Writing the annual report and regular reports of the works of the various units and reporting to the dean.

·        Supervising financial affairs and properties of the department according to the rules and regulations.

·        Supervising the institutions of the deanship with the relative bodies and setting plans of maintenance and cleaning.

·        Nominating the employees of the deanship to attend training courses related to working inside and outside the university and approving them from the competent bodies.

·        Contacting the various bodies of the university related to his responsibilities.

·        Suggesting the nominated employee and worker to work over time, according to the nature of work in accordance with regulatory bases and the approval of the dean.

·        Signing employee discharge.

·        Evaluating the performance of the employees.

·        Accomplishing other assignments of the Dean of Admission and Registration.


Dean of the deanship


All affiliated departments according to the organizational structure of the deanship.