Department of Administrative Communication - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Department of E-correspondences

Department of E-correspondences

Job Description

Coordination between departments and units of Deanship and other colleges and deanships in the University, receiving Deanship's mails and correspondences, registering them before being read by the Dean, and saving them, sending and receiving Deanship's dealings and distributing them to the competent areas.    



·        Receiving and registering Deanship's internal and external dealings

·        Sending Deanship's external dealings using administrative correspondences system and keeping the letter in an envelope before being sent.

·        Based on the Dean's instructions, dealings are transferred to Deanship's internal divisions.

·        Receiving internal dealings and presenting them to the Dean.

·        Preparing the correspondences that can't be sent via administrative correspondences program and delivering them to the competent authorities by hand.   

·        Archiving and saving all dealings and letters the Deanship sends and receives.

·        Classifying and saving files of general correspondences, reports and records relevant to Deanship management.

·        Saving the original copies in files special for each area. A digital electronic copy should be saved, as well.

·        Follow-up the correspondences sent to the competent inside and outside the Deanship.

·        Preparing annual and periodical reports on the unit's activity.

·        Based on the instructions of the Dean, all other tasks should be implemented.









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