Dean/vice deans’ office - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Office of the Dean/ Vice-Dean

Office of the Dean/ Vice-Dean

Job Description

Preparing, organizing, and conducting all works of the office of the dean/vice-dean, embarking on all routine works, and accomplishing the administrative works with all relevant departments.



·        Welcoming the reviewers of the office of the dean/vice-dean, receiving their letters or correspondences, and organizing their meetings with the dean/vice-dean.

·        Receiving, opening, and reporting the correspondences of the office of the dean/vice-dean for reviewing and guidance.

·        Preparing the agenda of the board of deanship in coordination with the secretary, including the topics to be discussed and notifying the members of the board.

·        Preparing the room of meetings, and checking its appropriateness and facilities.

·        Following-up the printing of the minutes of meetings, signing them by the members, and accomplishing their procedures, classification, indexing, and maintaining in a retrievable way.

·        Preparing decisions and informing the executive bodies after approval.

·        Preparing the outgoing correspondences of the dean's office, supervising, and forwarding them to the concerned departments, whether internal or external.

·        Answering phone calls and making the required actions.

·        Conducting copying, printing, and photocopying of the works of the dean's office.

·        Supervising the management, organization, and maintenance of the files of the dean's office.

·        Informing the administrative units and departments of the instructions of the dean.

·        Carrying out any other duties by the dean.



      Dean/ Vice-dean


      Secretary, office of the dean and competent bodies