Admission Dep. - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Department of Admission

Department of Admission

Job Description

The issues of male/female students' admission in the various colleges for each semester



·        Implementing the admission policy of the university and coordinating with the various colleges regarding the numbers and requirements of each college in accordance with NU policy.

·        Following-up electronic admission, final acceptance result, and entering students' data in the academic system.

·        Coordinating the process of transfer from outside the university according to regulations.

·        Checking and keeping the files of the accepted students in the places according to the rules and regulations of receiving, checking, and keeping files in the department after inserting them to the academic system and registering their university numbers.

·        Following-up and solving the problems of the admitted students.

·        Organizing the procedures of admitting non-Saudi students of scholarship candidates according to each scholarship.

·        Admitting visiting students from other universities according to the academic procedures.

·        Issuing university cards for students according to the defined time at the beginning of the semester.

·        Providing the student with a number used as an easy reference to facilitate using the electronic system or supporting services.

·        Implementing withdrawal from enrollment for those who want at the beginning of the study.

·        Replying to students' messages and questions via the website of the deanship and student's forum.

·        Suggesting plans of the workflow and developing and simplifying the required procedures and conditions via NU website.

·        Providing enough information of the colleges, departments, and specializations offered to students.

·        Transferring files after sorting and classifying into the concerned colleges to complete the procedures of admission through the concerned departments.

·        Submitting the results of admission from departments to the board of the deanship to make the final decision.

·        Announcing the results of admission after being approved by the board of deanship and following-up entering data to the system.

·        Issuing the letters of conditional and final admission to students.



     Director of deanship


   Employees of the department