The student must successfully complete all graduation requirements prescribed by the college and must meet the minimum grade requirement of 2.00 GPA (on a scale of 5). In case that the student succeeded in the given courses and simultaneously failed in the GPA, the college council, based on the department council, authorized to determine appropriate courses the student studies in order to improve and increase his GPA.

-         The student is considered graduated after the approval of the University Council.

-         The students who get the grade of (Incomplete) – IC in the last academic level must complete the requirements; and the last semester in the student manuscript is considered his graduation semester.

-         Finishing the field training is a requirement for students whose study plans includes field training and the University Council must grant their scientific degree at the end of the semester in which they finish their field training. "The student completed the requirement of field training during this semester" must be written in the student manuscript. 

-         Reissuance of a lost document or graduation certificate:

a.     The student should apply for reissuing a lost certificate after four weeks from announcing, in the University magazine or any regional journal, that he lost his certificate.

b.     Every document or certificate reissued must be stamped with "Reissuing for a lost certificate".