Student E-Guides - Deanship of Admission and Registration


Objectives of the Deanship of Admission and Registration:

  1. Complete the registration process for students every academic term according to their approved plan of study.

  2. Work to develop a mechanism for registration that permits the student to add and drop courses in the schedule during the appropriate period in an easy and smooth way through the use of the University’s website on the internet.

  3. Along with electronic and paper documentation, pay close attention to the academic progress of students during their studies at the University.

  4. Implement necessary procedures such as re-enrollment; modify grades, or deprivation as well as other student related decisions from the appropriate authorities in the university.

  5. Follow the best ways to choose, accept and guide students in completing their degrees in accordance with their capabilities.

  6. Work on providing advice and academic guidance to students in order to ensure good academic conduct.

  7. The advancement of systems, procedures for admission and registration and innovating the means to do so.

  8. To effectively contribute with other university departments in the study of the needs of different sectors of qualified and trained staff and work to meet them.

  9. Follow up the progress of students to ensure that they graduate in the time period identified by the academic guidelines.

  10. Keep, audit, and document student’s academic record.

  11. Exchange experiences in the field of admission and registration with parallel departments.