Visiting Students

A visiting student is the one who studies some courses at another university or at one of the branches of the university to which he belongs
without transferring to it. The courses that he/she studied can be noted as equivalent courses in accordance with the following regulations:

First: for the student of Najran University who wants to be a visiting student at another university.   

1-    The applicant should have academic record with a (GPA) of at least two semesters at the college which he joined before he/she applies to study as a visiting student.

2-    The prior approval from the student's college should be obtained to allow him/her to study as a visiting student along with specifying the courses to be studied. The college has the right to impose getting a certain average so as to note the course as equivalent. An official letter from the Deanship of Admissions and Registration is tendered to the student so as to start studying as a visiting student.

3-    Study should be in a recognized college or university.

4-    The course studied by the student at the other university should be equivalent in its syllabus (80%), and its credit units (hours) should not be less than those of the respective course approved in the requirements of graduation.

5-    The maximum of the total credit units that can be reckoned from outside the university is (20%) twenty percent of the total units required for graduation from Najran University.

6-    The averages of the courses that are noted as equivalent for the visiting student are not reckoned within the GPA, whereas the courses are listed in his/her transcript.

7-    The student must furnish the Deanship of Admissions and Registration with the course averages he/she got during two weeks as of the start of the first semester following the period of study as a visitor. In case of not providing the averages, he/she is deemed failing to attend during those semesters (except the summer session), and is treated pursuant to Article (15).

8-    The monthly stipend is disbursed to the visiting student if he/she is entitled to it via manual payment orders following providing the averages of the semester to the Deanship of Admissions and Registration

Secondly: for the student of Najran University or enrolled in one of its branches who wants to be a visiting student in Najran or one of its branches:

1-     The student must have academic record with GPA and study at least one semester in the college which he joined before applying to study as a visiting student.

2-      The student must obtain prior approval from the college to allow him to study as a visiting student and to specify the courses that will be studied. He/she commences study owing to an official letter from the deanship of admission and registration.

3-      The course that the student studies should be equivalent for a course that is included in the graduation requirements.

4-      Equivalence of courses is processed in accordance with Article (47).

5-      The visiting student is allowed to study maximum two semesters.

6-    The Rector has the authority to make exceptions for one more semester for the visiting student in the following cases:

a.     The student is unable to record his proposed academic hours for reasons related to the visited university.

b.     The female students who have hard circumstances that compel them not to complete their graduation requirements as regular students, but allowed as visiting students; and regulations prevents them from transferring to another university.


Thirdly: Registering a visiting student of another university at Najran University

1.     The student must have a transcript with a GPA for at least two semesters from his/her university, to which he/she has been admitted.

2.     He/she must not be dismissed on disciplinary or educational grounds.

3.     He/she must get prior written approval from his/her university to study as a visiting student at King Saud University. Decidedly, Najran University courses which the student wishes to study should be mentioned in the approval letter.

4.     He/she should get the approval of the college in which he wishes to study as a visiting student.

5.     The maximum number of semesters that the student is allowed to study as a visitor is two semesters.

6.     The visiting student is not eligible for accommodations at the university and may not receive a stipend from Najran University.

7.     The courses are registered for the student by the college in which he/she wishes to study, noting that all the registration regulations of courses shall be observed.