from university to another one - Deanship of Admission and Registration

التحويل بين الجامعات


Transfer from one university to another university
1. The student should be enrolled at a recognized college or university.
2. The student must not have been dismissed from that university for 
disciplinary or academic reasons.
3. The student must satisfy the transfer conditions as determined by the 
University Council.
4. The credits studied at Najran University must be at least 60% of the total 
required credits. The College Council should review the courses taken by the 
students outside the University based on the recommendations of the 
departments which offer equivalent courses. The courses evaluated as 
equivalent will be transferred to the student's record but will not be included 
in the calculation of his accumulative Grade Point Average.
5. The transfer of a student from one university to another during any semester 
takes place in accordance with the procedures and the dates announced by 
the university to which the university is transferring under the general 
transfer rules.
6. In case of, after his transfer, discovering that a student has been dismissed 
from his previous university for disciplinary reasons, his enrollment will be 
considered cancelled as of the date of admitting his transfer to the university.