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Final Exams

Final Exams


1.     The scores of mid-term exams are determined to be ranged from (40%) to (50%) for the courses taught in the college based on the Dep. council and College council.

2.     Scores of midterm exams  are calculated by one of the following methods:

a.     Oral exams, practical ones, research papers, classroom activities, some or all of them, include at least one written test.

b.     Two written tests at least.

-       Course's instructor is committed to the midterm scores defined by Board of College.

-       Course's instructor is committed to announcing the distribution of midterm scores to students at the beginning of each semester according to the course's specifications and time of the final exams.

-       Course's instructor is committed to allowing students to brief on their scripts of the midterm exams after announcing the result and comparing their answers to the model answer.

-       Course's instructor announces results of the midterm exams within two weeks of conducting the exam. He is also committed to announcing the detailed result of other course midterm before the start of final exams.

-       The student may object to the score of the midterm exam within a week of briefing on his/her exam paper. In case of inconvenience of the instructor's reply, the student reports his objection to head of department (or vice-dean for academic affairs if the head of department is the course's instructor) to consider reevaluating student's answer assigning the appropriate faculty member within a week of submitting the request. In this case, the decision is final.

-       According to the recommendation of a course instructor, the department council may allow the student to complete requirements of any course in the following semester. In this case, the student is graded (IC). It will neither be included in the calculating Grade Point Average nor Cumulative Grade Point Average, until the student completes the requirements of that course. If a semester lapses without the student changing the (IC) in his academic record, it will be substituted for (F) and counted within his or her (GPA) and (CGPA).

-       If research courses require more than one semester the grade (IP) shall be used. After completion of the course, the student will be given the grade s/he obtains. If the course is not completed in the fixed time, the concerned department council may approve the grade (IC) in the student's record.