Admission requirements - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Admission Requirements for Bachelor and Diploma

Admission Requirements for Bachelor and Diploma

The admission requirements for freshmen:

1.     The applicant must hold a Saudi nationality or be born of a Saudi mother.

2.     The student should hold a general Saudi secondary school (high school) certificate or its equivalent from within Saudi Arabia or from other countries.

3.     He/she should have obtained the secondary school certificate in a period of less than 5 years prior to the date of application; and the Rector has the authority to exclude in case of convincing reasons.

4.     He/she should pass any aptitude exam or interview.

5.     He/she must have a record of good reputation and behavior.

6.     Being physically fit.

7.     He/she must obtain the approval of his/her employer in case of being employee in government or private agency.

8.     He/she should satisfy other conditions stipulated and announced by the NU Board at the time of application.

9.     The applicant isn't holder of a bachelor degree from another university. 

10.                        The student should not have been dismissed from any other university for disciplinary or academic reasons.