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Deanship of Admission and Registration announces

Deanship of Admission and Registration announces that internal and external scholarships' application can be received through the e-portal 

according to the following 
Internal Scholarships: 
Submission:  21/06/1437 to 15/09/1437 H  
1. The requirements for internal scholarships are applied to internally 
sponsored students the same as Saudi students. 
2. The University gives top priority to those students, who got (90%) in high 
school, (80%) in General Aptitude Test, and (80%) in achievement test, for scientific specializations, as well as giving priority to the students, who 
desire Humanities specializations in case of getting (90%) in high school and (80%) in Aptitude Test. 
3.  The applicant must hold a high school certificate from Saudi Arabia.
4. Admission of applicants restricted to available departments, and applicants will be given preference due to admission standards. 
5. In case of being admitted in a particular major, the sponsored student has not the right to change his major. 
6. The applicants admitted in all majors except for health majors.
7. The applicant mustn't exceed five years from his graduation from high school.  
8. Duplicate of valid ID will be archived in Department of Admission
External Scholarships: 
Submission:  21/06/1437 to 10/08/1437 H 
1. Admission requirements for Saudi students are applied to external sponsored 
students except for (General Aptitude Test and Achievement Test). 
2. Applicant's minimum age is 17 years old and he/she doesn't exceed 25 years 
3. The applicant didn't get a scholarship from any other academic institution in 
the kingdom. 
4. The applicant must authenticate his/her credentials from competent bodies, 
Saudi embassy and Saudi Attaché in his/her homeland. 
5. The applicant must issue a certificate of no criminal record from security 
departments in his/her homeland.
6. The applicant wasn't disqualified from any other academic institutions in the 
7. The applicant can be admitted to all academic majors except for health 
8. The applicant cannot change his/her academic major after being admitted to 
particular major. 
9. The female student must not travel without a Mahram. 
10. The applicant should pass the medical examination conducted by the 
11. The government of the applicant's country must give approval letter for 
studying in KSA – this condition for countries that apply this requirement to 
the Saudi students. 
12. The applicant should be fluent in speaking and writing of Arabic Language. 
13. Duplicate of passport and high school certificate will be archived in the 
Department of Admission.