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visiting student of another university at Najran University


visiting student of another university at Najran University


1.     The student must have a transcript with a GPA for at least two semesters from his/her university, to which he/she has been admitted.

2.     He/she must not be dismissed on disciplinary or educational grounds.

3.     He/she must get prior written approval from his/her university to study as a visiting student at King Saud University. Decidedly, Najran University courses which the student wishes to study should be mentioned in the approval letter.

4.     He/she should get the approval of the college in which he wishes to study as a visiting student.

5.     The maximum number of semesters that the student is allowed to study as a visitor is two semesters.

6.     The visiting student is not eligible for accommodations at the university and may not receive a stipend from Najran University.


7.     The courses are registered for the student by the college in which he/she wishes to study, noting that all the registration regulations of courses shall be observed.