Vice Dean - Deanship of Admission and Registration

Responsibilities of Vice-Dean

Vice-Dean of Admission and Registration

Job Description

He is a faculty member who is responsible for the deanship and supports the dean in managing its affairs within rules and regulations.


·        Supporting the dean in all the works and activities of the deanship.

·        Representing the dean in the implementation of all tasks in his absence or the office is vacant.

·        Conducting the tasks assigned by the dean that are compatible with rules and regulations.

·        Setting the internal action system in the deanship and defining the needs, general specification of the employees' assignment and coordination of its various units.

·        Heading the committees of the deanship and reporting to the competent bodies after submitting to the dean.

·        Supervising the implementation of the assigned tasks of the deanship.

·        Addressing the competent bodies in the university in the specialization and scope of the rectorship.


Dean of the deanship


Registration department, scholarship department, affiliation affairs, and awards department