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Academic Annual System - Deanship of Admission and Registration


Academic Annual System

Academic Annual System


The study may be conducted in some colleges on the basis of the full academic year according to the regulations and procedures stipulated in the bylaw after replacing the term "academic semester" with "academic year", where the regulations and procedures should be consistent with the following:

1.     The courses must be taught through a full academic year, not less than 30 weeks, where the regularly scheduled times for registration and final examinations are not considered as part of the duration of the academic year.

2.     A final exam is conducted for each course at the end of the academic year, but the final exam can be conducted for the practical and clinical courses that are related to training at the end of the training period.

3.     Two weeks before starting the academic year, an exam (second attempt) is conducted for students who failed in some courses, whose number of hours are determined by the college council. Those students who succeed in that exam (second attempt) get (D2): pass grade, instead of his past grade (F).

4.     The students who fail in courses, in the first final exam, which are more than no. of courses determined by the college council, are not allowed to take the second final exam (second attempt) and restudy only the courses in which he failed.

5.     The students who restudy the courses in which they failed are allowed to study another courses from the next academic year according to regulations of the college council.